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Koniec double shield?! Nowy patch poważnie zmniejsza HP barier!

Koniec double shield?! Nowy patch poważnie zmniejsza HP barier!

Dzisiejszej nocy pojawił się nowy patch, w którym Blizzard zmniejszył wytrzymałość barier!

Blizzard zmienia metę. Na serwery PTR trafił patch, który najpewniej wywróci do góry nogami zasady gry w Overwatch. Orisa, Sigma i Reinhardt od teraz mają znacznie zmniejszone HP barier.

Dodatkowo w grze pojawiła się większa liczba zmian balansu u bohaterów. Moira i Wdowa otrzymała nerfy, a D.Va, Torbjorn i Zaria buffy!

Coming with this patch, we will be removing the current “Skirmish” feature that allowed you to spar while waiting to start a game and replacing it with a brand new option called “While You Wait”.
When in queue, players will now be prompted to pick, if they want to, between the following game modes:
Practice Range – Now available to be entered as a group
Skirmish – Spar freely with other players without keeping track of score
Deathmatch – Compete for the top place on the scoreboard
Custom Game – Pick a custom game from the Custom Game Browser or create your own game mode
Note that Custom Game will have to have the new setting „Allow players who are matchmaking” available in order to be selected
All “While You Wait” game modes are optional and can be accessed by a single player or as a group, but only the group leader can decide which mode to pick.
Custom Games – Practice Range Mode
New Workshop Values
Game Mode
Current Game Mode
New Workshop setting
„Allow players who are matchmaking”: allows players who are matchmaking to participate in the Custom Game created
Armor damage reduction increased from 3 to 5
Base armor increased from 200 to 250
Fusion Driver
Movement speed penalty reduced from 30% to 20%
Protective Barrier
Health reduced from 900 to 600
Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
Experimental Barrier
Health reduced from 1500 to 900
Barrier health regeneration rate reduced from 150 to 120 health per second
Kinetic Grasp
Cooldown reduced from 13 seconds to 10 seconds
Damage-to-shield gain ratio increased from 40% to 60%
Barrier Field
Health reduced from 2000 to 1600
Movement speed penalty reduced from 50% to 25%
Steadfast (Passive)
Knockback resistance increased from 30% to 50%
Developer Comment: The above changes to armor, Orisa, Sigma, and Reinhardt are aimed at decreasing the overall amount time players spend damaging barriers while improving the individual heroes in other areas. This is a significant change to the pace of the game and we’ll be monitoring these heroes closely to ensure they retain impactful gameplay in the tank role.
Biotic Grasp
Healing reduced from 4 to 3.25 (80 HP/s to 65 HP/s)
Developer Comment: Moira’s primary heal has proven to be too potent, largely due to its ability to heal multiple targets.
Defense Matrix
Cooldown decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
Developer Comment: With role locks in place there is some room to improve D.Va’s impact as a tank, so we’re partially reverting a previous change which increased Defense Matrix’s cooldown.
Grappling Hook
Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds
Developer Comment: With barriers having less uptime, Widowmaker will be even more effective at locking down long sight lines. This change weakens her mobility so she can still be reasonably countered.
Cooldown decreased from 12 to 10 seconds
Developer Comment: Torbjörn has difficulty in extended team fights once his turret is eliminated and Overload has been used. This change allows Torbjörn to be able to rely on his Overload more often.
Ammo increased from 24 to 30
Developer Comment: As average hero survivability has gone up over time, Genji can sometimes have difficulty finishing off his targets. Loosening his ammunition constraints will help give him a small boost.
Particle Cannon (Secondary Fire)
Explosion radius increased from 2 to 2.5 meters
Ammo cost decreased from 25 to 20
Developer Comment: Zarya’s overall damage output is in a good spot but the secondary fire was left feeling a little too weak after the last set of changes.

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